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HIST 441: The Cold War in Europe: Home

This research guide is intended to aid students in completion of the course assignments pertaining to the field of 20th century European history, through the lend of the Cold War.

The Cold War in Europe

Course Description

This course enables history majors to complete a research paper within the field of 20th century European history. The topic of the Cold War is broad enough to embrace different countries and areas of investigation: diplomatic, military, political, economic, social, and cultural. The class will devote the first several weeks of the term to exploring together various sources and aspects of teh Cold War in Europe. In the remaining weeks of the semester, students will conduct their own research under the supervision of the professor. The entire group will re-convene on several occasions to discuss proposals, drafts, and individual presentations. 

Course Goals

This class intends to:

  1. develop or enhance students' ability to conduct research using library, online, and archival materials
  2. advance students' intellectual and organization skills to produce a research paper in a limited amount of time
  3. promote students' ability to provide critical and constructive evaluation of others' work
  4. provide an opportunity for students to share their research, both formally and informally, through in-class discussions and a final presentation of completed work

Library and Archival Instruction Goals

By the end of library information and archival literacy sessions students will have the skills to identify contextually appropriate tools and sources to answer research questions.


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