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FYSE139: FYSE 139-01: Behind the Curtain (Byars)

Course Guide for FYSE 139-01: Behind the Curtain: Prof. Glenda Byars

Primary Sources

Library Video Streaming Databases by Jared Seay

Researching Theatre Practitioners

Finding Background Information

Use a Library Database Like Credo Reference to help you located background information.

  • Search for "Konstantin Stanislavsky"


Using the Library Catalog

Use the Library Discovery Catalog, to find books with information about your practitioner.

  • Search your playwright as keyword; be sure to put the name in quotes ("Konstantin Stanislavsky").
  • Search your playwright as subject, last name first (Stanislavsky, Konstantin).
  • Watch for other subject headings that might be useful ().
  • Try searching for a specific work (The Blue Bird)
  • If you want primary sources, order your search results by year and find items published between 1898 1910. By scanning by date, I found an article from 1910 titled: "The Blue Bird," at teh New Theatre .

Using Research Databases to Find Articles, Reviews, etc.

Go to the databases AFTER you've been in the Library Discovery Catalog.  And make it easy on yourself. Simply do the SAME SEARCH you did in the catalog.

Your best databases are: Academic Search Complete and the International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance

  • Search these two databases together (and any others that interest you) by selecting More Databases at the top of the screen.
  • Search your playwright as keyword; be sure to put the name in quotes ("Konstantin Stanislavsky").
  • Use the provided terms along the left-hand side of your results screen to help you narrow your results.
  • Narrow by date to find primary sources. There is an easy to use Publication Date limiter on the left side of your results page.
  • Some articles are available in full-text online. For those that are not, use the library catalog to search the journal’s title. For titles to which we don’t have access, use Interlibrary Loan to obtain a PDF of the article for FREE!

Scholars Studio Librarian

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Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnhem M.F.A., M.L.I.S.
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