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PRST 302: Researching Dimensions

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Limit Your Results

Suggested Search Strategies

Finding Census Data

Librarian Contact Information

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Jannette Finch
College of Charleston North Campus

3800 Paramount Dr.

North Charleston, SC 29405

Workplace Diversity Project

(from Professor Edwards)

Project Instructions

Choose one of the following dimensions or sub-dimensions of diversity to study and research:

  1. Age (younger, older, etc.)
  2. Gender (male, female, non-binary, etc.)
  3. Race (any race)
  4. Sexual Orientation (LGBTQ and Heterosexual)
  5. Religion (any religion)
  6. Class (lower class, upper class, middle class)
  7. Education (none, any level AA, BA, etc.)
  8. Culture (any culture)
  9. Ethnicity (any ethnicity)
  10. Bodies, Fitness, Health (overweight, very thin, eating disorder, etc.)
  11. Linguistic Diversity (ESL, dialect, etc.)
  12. Diverse Family Upbringing (single parent, divorced parent, multi-family, adopted, etc.)