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The Definitive Guide to the VHS Apocalypse for the College of Charleston: End of VHS

Explanation of VHS Apocalypse

Don’t Panic.  But, the end of VHS is no longer a lingering death.  It is about to end suddenly.

What is it!?  On May 6, 2013 IT will remove VHS format players from all classrooms.  The immediate technical reasons are outlined in the accompanying IT announcement in this guide.  If you are a faculty member who used the VHS format for showing video to your class, your questions are simple:  “how the heck will I make it through this apocalypse?  How will I be able to show my VHS tapes in a classroom?  How can I survive?  What WILL I do?

The purpose of this guide is to assist you – faculty member - during this time.  There are multiple ways to successfully get through the VHS apocalypse.  This guide will show you how.  We will give you the reasons for why this is happening.  But, more importantly we will give you ways to adapt, survive and thrive.

Information Technology Announcement

Important Notice about the VHS (VCR) Video Format VCRs will be removed from all classrooms on May 6, 2013. This will include the removal of VCRs as well as the removal of DVD and VCR combination players. DVDs will still be able to be played through the computer.

Why are VCRs being removed?
Manufacturers have begun to reduce or end the production of VCRs due to the “Analog Sunset”. Obtaining VCRs has already become difficult, and repair is cost prohibitive if parts are available. Due to the imminent demise of this media, IT has developed a plan to address the obsolescence of VCRs.

What do you need to do if using VHS tapes in your courses?
If you have VHS tapes that you show in your classes, you will need to find replacements by May 6, 2013. You can purchase a DVD or search the library's new VAST collection or Films on Demand (FOD) for alternatives. The library can also help you search for a replacement. Please visit the TLT blog to find a list of alternatives to using Copyright Protected Materials:

Please note: IT will repair and/or replace VCRs until May 6, 2013. On May 6, 2013, no VCRs will be repaired, replaced, or available in all classrooms and/or conference spaces.

This notice was sent to Faculty email in May of 2012 and again in October of 2012.

VHS Contact Group

Addlestone Library

Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnhem
Instruction Design Librarian, Digital Scholarship and Services

Jared Seay
Head, Media Collections

James Williams
Assoc. Dean for Public Services


Information and Instructional Technology

Monica Lavin
Director, TLT

Philip Paradise
Dir. of Support Services

Alejandro Torres
Field Support Manager

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