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Doing Library Research: The Basic Steps: Doing Library Research

Getting Started

So, you need to do that first research paper, and you are startng to freak out.  Where to start?  Fear not, help is here.

Writing Help

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Library Tutorials for intro to library, intro to web page, searching for books and articles, searching the web

Doing Research

This guide will show you how to break the writing of your research paper down into four managable chunks:  Define, Locate, Evaluate, and Document.

  1. Define your topic
      Refine your topic
      Lay out the initial planning
      Find background information

  2. Locate your information
      Articles (from journals or magazines)
      Internet sources
      News Sources
      Government Sources

  3. Evaluate your sources for quality and appropriatness

  4. Document your sources using citation styles (MLA, APA, ASA, etc)

Video Introduction to the Library

Video Tutorial: Library Tour

Video Tutorial: Library Webpage Intro