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Psychology 356 Behavioral Genetics: Library Activity

FYE Library Activity Fall 2015

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In today's session, you will be working in a group to generate concept maps (for effective search strategies) and find two types of sources.

The general topic for today's session is: "Behavioral Genetics"

Part 1: Concept Mapping

  • Take the general topic and generate at least 3 subtopics with associated keywords
  • Use to generate your concept map

Part 2: Find 2 Books & 2 Articles

  • As a group, select one subtopic that you will use for your search. Note this subtopic and the associated keywords on your Google Doc.
  • Find two relevant articles using ACADEMIC SEARCH COMPLETE (enter information on the Google Docs worksheet)
  • Find two relevant book using the Discover Search on the library homepage (enter information on the Google Docs worksheet)

Part 3: Library Info. & Feedback


  • Addlestone Library Handout shared with class
  • Quick feedback form