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Faculty Services: iPads

This guide is a resource listing the various library services available to faculty.

iPad Availability

iPad Program Information

Program to Bring iPads into the Classroom

The Addlestone Library, in partnership with Academic Affairs and the Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) department, is launching an iPad program to provide members of our campus community access to a technologically rich environment that encourages technology literacy, information literacy and collaborative learning.

 Program Overview


Starting in January 2014, iPads became available for faculty and students working on a class project. The 60 iPad Airs,  cases, and charging cart  were purchased with funds from the Provost’s Office. The program was designed to provide up to 30 iPads per class for special projects.

Faculty may request these iPads for students to check out and use for up to 3 weeks, as a tool to enhance student learning in their course. 
Students and faculty will check out the iPads from the Library Circulation desk.  The Library and TLT staff are happy to work with you on your projects and assignments to:

    • Promote student engagement in the classroom, the lab, or in the field
    • Assist small group collaboration in idea creation and sharing as well as information search, analysis, and visual representation
    • Provide access to and manipulation of digital content
    • Promote the innovative use of this technology.

Joey Van Arnhem, Instructional Design Librarian and Zach Hartje, Director of the TLT will work with you and your students as the team – to design the project, coordinate with faculty and serve as a resource to students. 

In addition, 5 iPads will be available to individual students, faculty and staff to check out for 3 days.
If you would like to discuss your proposal or talk about how you might most effectively use iPads in your course, please contact
Zach Hartje, Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology
Joey Van Arnhem, Instructional Design Librarian, Digital Scholarship and Services

Housekeeping Details
Each student and faculty member will check out and return the iPad and peripherals at the circulation desk at Addlestone Library.

A few Useful Sites

To submit a proposal for consideration, please use the

CofC’s iPad guide offers a wealth of program information including the collection of apps loaded on the ipads, availability, tutorials and websites that are accessible via mobile devices.

Other iPad pages on this guide

iPad Contacts

If you would like to discuss your proposal or talk about how you might most effectively use iPads in your course, please contact
Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnhem, Scholars Studio Librarian

Technical Issues

Matt Branton, Library Technical Assistant

Borrowing and Logistics

Will Breard, Circulation

Program Information

Christa Poparad, Associate Dean