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Faculty Services: Shelf-Ready Approval

This guide is a resource listing the various library services available to faculty.

How Are Books Selected?

The College has a detailed profile with YBP that determines appropriate materials based primarily on subject and publisher.  Bibliographers review new releases and match these titles to our profile.  Shelf-ready titles are received by the library on a weekly basis.

Why Use a Shelf-Ready Approval Plan?

The approval plan saves valuable staff time by selecting materials without direct staff supervision.  It also ensures that our collection stays up to date and relevant to the needs of the College.  Orders for specific titles can still be placed out of your firm order budget.


As of 2012, the Library's approval plan became shelf-ready, meaning that the vendor performs the majority of the necessary cataloging and physical processing on the books prior to shipping them.  This significantly reduces the wait time between an order being generated and a book becoming available in the library collection for faculty and student research.  

Since the shelf-ready plan is automated at the vendor level, the Library's Collection and Content Services department is highly dedicated to ensuring that the plan remains relevant and comprehensive from year to year.  The plan is updated annually, and data on course enrollment, circulation statistics, and new academic programs is incorporated into the decision-making process.  For more information on the shelf-ready approval plan, please contact Kayla Kipps, Collection Development Librarian.

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