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QR Codes: Find a Reader/Make your Own!

Find a Reader

  1. Find a reader app for your phone at
  2. Use the Quick Find Reader feature on the right side of the page to locate an app that works with your phone. 
  3. Test your reader here


How To Create A QR Code in 3 Easy Steps

From The Daring Librarian At-A-Glance Tutorials


ZXing Online Decoder

Don't have a reader?  ZXing Decoder is a simple page that will let you decode a 1D or 2D barcode online.

How to Create and Use QR Codes


Create your Own

You can generate your own QR code with the information you want others to be able to read on their phones by searching for "QR code generator" in Google. Provided below are two commonly used QR Code generators.  

  • Kaywa:  Embed a URL, Text, Phone Number or SMS

    Kaywa Screenshot

  • ZXing Project: Embed a calendar event, contact information, email address, geo location, phone number, sms, url, or wifi network

    Zxing Project 



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