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PRST 300: The Ethics of 21st Century Living: Find Books

Subjects & Call Numbers


Books are arranged on the shelf by "call numbers."

The call numbers for:

African Diaspora DT1 - DT3415

Human Geography
& Ecology, Africa      

Folklore, Africa GR350
Politics, Africa           JQ1870
Law, Africa KQ
Music, Africa ML350

Books by Call Number

Books located on the second floor

Find Books

Call numbers for books in your subject area will be all over the library, since the fields you are studying are multidisciplinary.

Search the books, media and the digital collections here.

E-Book Databases


  • ebrary (Full Text)  A collection of over 27,000 electronic books covering all subject areas. A web browser plug-in is required to read ebrary books. Click here to download the ebrary web browser plug-in.


  • NetLibrary (Full Text)  Over 14,500 electronic books for searching and reading. A web browser plug-in is sometimes required to read NetLibrary books. Click here to download the NetLibrary web browser plug-ins.


  • Google Book Search (Full Text)  Over 10,000 full text books many of which are older and no longer copyrighted. Limited access to almost 100,000 additional works. To limit your search to full text click "Full view books". Click here


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