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PRST 300: The Ethics of 21st Century Living: Journals in this Subject

What are Journals?

Journals consist mostly of articles written by scholars and researchers, reporting in detail on their original research, and "peer reviewed" by other experts before they’re published.  Most are published by professional or academic organizations, for specialists in that field.

Journals are published regularly, like magazines, but most magazine articles provide more basic information, and are written for average people (or maybe fans and hobbyists).

Key Journal Titles in this Subject


These are key journals on this subject that we have accessible from our library.  Copy and paste the title in the E-Journals Tab to find holdings.


  •  Business & professional ethics journal  

  • Environmental ethics  

  • Journal of business ethics  

  • Journal of philosophy 

  • Journal of applied philosophy 

  • Philosophy and literature 

  •  Philosophy & public affairs