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Bachelor of Professional Studies New Student Orientation: Research Assistance for Professional Studies

Beginning Research

School of Professional Studies and CofC North Campus Librarian,
Jannette Finch (843-953-2766)

Library Website:

Basic Guide to Doing Library Research,

All Research Guides,​

            For Professional Studies:

            For PRST 300:


Google Scholar Tips

Search within Google Scholar. Use Scholar Preferences to add your college catalog.

Using the Advanced Tab ( gives you powerful ways to refine your search. You can use the search boxes to search for an exact wording or phrase (also by “enclosing in quotations”), search using OR, and remove terms you don’t want to include (also by using – before the word or phrase). You can also place the tilde sign (~)  in front of your search term to search for synonyms.

Search within a site. Example, "risk management" site:

Search limit to domain. Example, pesticides + environment, .org

Search by file type (.pdf, .ppt, .doc, .rtf, .swf), restrict by date, restrict by region

Reference Librarian

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Jannette Finch
College of Charleston North Campus

3800 Paramount Dr.

North Charleston, SC 29405