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Omeka: Omeka@CofC

Tips, tutorials, and recommendations for using Omeka to publish online multimedia exhibits, digital heritage and research projects.

CofC Libraries Omeka

College of Charleston Omeka Installation

How Do I Get a College of Charleton Libraries hosted Omeka Site?

  • If you are interested in using Omeka, please fill out the Project Proposal Form and our Digital Scholarship Librarian will be in touch with you to discuss your project in more depth. 

Why use a College of Charleston hosted Omeka site?

  • Using Omeka for Teachers by Laura Leibman: Provides useful project ideas for working with Omeka as part of a class assignment.

Getting Started with Omeka at CofC

Omeka-Specific Terms

Excerpt from the Omeka Tip Sheet: Getting Started Terms and other Resources from the Center for History and New Media .  Modified from Miriam Posner’s, “Up and Running with

  • Omeka installation: folders and files packaged together in one main directory on your server that work together to build an Omeka website.
  • Item: The basic unit of an Omeka site. An item can be anything: a photograph, a work of art, a person, an idea. You’ll describe each item, and you can upload files to represent it, too. You’ll build your Omeka site by assembling items.
  • Collection :A set of items that you’ve grouped together. Your Omeka site can have multiple collections, but an individual item can only belong to one collection at a time.
  • Exhibit: A thematic tour of your items. Each exhibit has pages, and pages can be nested. A page is a group of items (along with descriptions). You can have multiple exhibits, and items can belong to multiple exhibits.
  • Item Type: An item, can be many different things, like a photograph, a website, a book, or a person. An “item type” is just the kind of thing the item is. You can choose from a built-in list of item types, or you can create your own.
  • Simple Page: A web page on your Omeka site that isn’t part of an exhibit or item. For example, you can add an “About” page using Simple Pages. Pages can be nested.