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Omeka: Getting Started with Omeka

Tips, tutorials, and recommendations for using Omeka to publish online multimedia exhibits, digital heritage and research projects.

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Planning and Organizing Content

Questions to Ask While Planning

  • Site Planning Tips from Omeka ( Provides helpful questions to ask during the planning phase of an Omeka exhibit and recommends sketching or wireframing the content of your exhibit before you start!

Exhibit Planning Workflow

  • Establishing a workflow before you begin your exhibit will help you to be efficient and produce a well-defined exhibit (Rajchel, 2012).

Rajchel, J. (2012). Creating Omeka exhibits: Exhibit planning workflow. 

Guide to Creating Omeka Exhibits by Jen Rajchel: Created for the Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women's Education.  This guide provides helpful guidelines and workflows worth considering before you begin designing an Omeka exhibit.  

Getting Started with Omeka                                                                    

Screenshot of website           Screenshot of website (self-hosted): The Omeka web publishing software is available for free download.  The free, open source version can be self-hosted on a web hosting server or your personal PC if a virtual server program is installed (i.e. MAMP). Commercial web hosting is also available, for more information review Omeka’s hosting suggestions. When you download and self-host Omeka, you can customize it as much as you want and install it as many times as you like, but creating and supporting those Omeka sites may take a good bit of knowledge and time. (French, 2013). For step-by-step instructions and video tutorials, visit Omeka Documentation. (hosted):  Some organizations and individuals couldn’t or didn’t want to run their own server or buy commercial server space. is a hosted version of Omeka that requires much less technical knowledge, infrastructure, and labor. When you use the hosted version of Omeka at, it’s much easier, but you will run up against certain limits of space and functionality (French, 2013). offers 5 different hosted plans to choose from. You must sign up for a free account to be a user/collaborator on any website. See here for more information on options and pricing.

comparison of vs is available from Intro to Digital Humanities: What is Omeka? (Bushong & Kim, n.d.).

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