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EDFS201: Journal Sources

Research Journal Suggestions

General Helpful Database Characteristics: full text, advanced search field, peer reviewed, image search, subject limiters/expanders, times cited, saving options, alerts, citation options, date limits, thesaurus, educational level, visual search

Boolean Searching Use “and” to combine terms together,  “or” to find one term, the other term or both, “not” to exclude terms. Other operators are bound searches (“state legislation”), wildcard searches (ne?t), truncated searches (educat*), proximity searches near (N5), within (W8). 

Keywords. Think of variations of your terms, including synonyms and historical terms. Examples:

(educational experience) AND (american indian* OR native American*)
African Americans OR blacks AND Education AND South Carolina
(GLBT) AND (Education)
Discrimination AND Education AND United States
Diversity AND Education AND History
Muslims AND Education AND United States
Autism OR “Pervasive Spectrum Disorder” AND Education
Homeless AND Education
Developmentally Disabled 

 For additional sources look in Research Guides for: History, Education, Psychology.