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New Student Guide to Library and Computing Services: Library Instruction

Welcome to the College of Charleston. This guide is an introduction to library and computing services for new students at the College.

Research Consultations!

We'd like for you to know how to do library research on your own mostly. But there will be times when you'll need help. Naturally, going to the Information Desk to talk to the reference librarian is always an excellent idea. If you aren't in the library, you can communicate with a librarian electronically by clicking on the ASK US tab on the Library homepage. You will find several options including live chat, texting, email, phone, and the research consultation

The research consultation is an appointment between you and a reference librarian. It can be any of the librarians or someone you specifically request. (Some of us do have groupies.) 

Appointments are available Monday - Thursday, 9am - 9pm, Friday, 9am - 6pm, Saturday, 10am - 6pm, and Sunday, 1pm - 9pm. The appointment with a librarian lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. On the form, you are asked to give a brief description of the topic you are researching. That way, the librarian can do some preparation prior to the consultation. 

It's a good way to get assistance for a project or paper where you may be having difficulty finding suitable sources. We encourage you to use this service.

Instruction in FYE and English 110

Addlestone Library may be the largest library you've seen and worked in. In the two required courses you'll be taking--First Year Experience and English 110--you will be given two opportunities that will assist you in using the library as a place for scholarly research. 

First Year Experience. In the first month or so of the semester, you will be brought into Addlestone during your FYE synthesis seminar. Your Peer Facilitator will take you on a tour of the library using a potential research problem. Your PF will take you to the various sections of the library from where you can get information on the topic. You will also be introduced to the various service points within the library where you can receive additional assistance in your research. 

English 110. Along with FYE, English 110 is required of College of Charleston freshmen. In the ENGL 110 curriculum, there is a required second visit to the library. But unlike the FYE tour, this will be a much more research-oriented class. Normally, ENGL 110 classes visit during October when the research and writing portion of their course curriculum is introduced. It is a totally different presentation from the FYE tour. The presentation will be given by a librarian whose job is to clearly tell you the various options--books and journal articles--and how to search for them. It's really an opportunity for you to learn about the library as a place for research.

Library 105. In this 1 credit elective course, students are instructed in the skills and strategies needed to locate, evaluate, analyze and apply information resources from a variety of media. Many upper level students tell us they wished they took this class earlier in their CofC careers.

Library of Congress Call Numbers!

Remember, when you come to Addlestone Library--and nearly every other college library--you will use the Library of Congress Call Number scheme to help you find books. A call number--even if it starts with a letter--is the address of a book on the shelf. Plus, other books around that book very likely are of similar subjects. It makes browsing a worthwhile activity. 

If you click on the library floor plans to your left, you will see that the Second Floor has the entire collection of books you can check out. Officially, it's called the Circulating Collection. These are the books arranged in Library of Congress Call Number order. 

Here are some call number letters you may be using:

B      Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
E      American History
L       Education
P      Language and Literature
Q     Sciences/Computer Science

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