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Circulating Laptops: PASCAL

Interlibrary Loan Staff

Interlibrary Loan Office: 843.953.8010

ILL and PASCAL books can be picked up and dropped off 7 days/week at the Access & Instruction Desk.

PASCAL: What is it? How to use it? And why to use it?

What is PASCAL

What is PASCAL Delivers?


"PASCAL" stands for "Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries."

“PASCAL Delivers” is a rapid book delivery service for the patrons of all PASCAL member institutions. Library users search the PASCAL Catalog, a single web-based catalog of South Carolina academic library holdings. Locate books in any member library, submit an electronic request for delivery of a book to the College of Charleston, and receive those books within a few days. PASCAL Delivers is part of the State-wide Electronic Academic Library.

Does CofC not own the book? Is our copy currently missing? Click on the "PASCAL Delivers" logo from our catalog to locate a copy at another South Carolina school. Or connect directly to the PASCAL Catalog. Click on "Request Item" and use your name and 8-digit college ID to request a book. Typically, PASCAL books have a six-week loan period with a six-week renewal option. 

What happens after you order a PASCAL book

PASCAL books should arrive at College of Charleston within 3 to 5 business days, and sometimes even sooner. You will receive an email that the book has arrived and it will be available for checkout at the Access & Instruction Desk in Addlestone Library. You may also check on the status of your book using the "My Library Account" link on the front page of the Library website.

Pickup Anywhere (PUA)

You can request an item via PASCAL Delivers and have it sent to the college or university closest to you. 

To use this service, follow these steps:

  1. Request the book as you would a regular PASCAL Delivers item, but change the pickup location to the college or university where you want your book(s) delivered.
  2. When the book is processed at the pickup location, you’ll receive an email. 
  3. Bring your valid institutional ID to the location specified in the email to pick up the item(s).

PASCAL Visiting Patron Service

If you’re able to use PASCAL Delivers, you can also go in-person to visit another PASCAL Delivers library and check out the book yourself using the Visiting Patron service. All you need is your valid Institutional ID. 

Visiting Patron checkouts have different limits from PASCAL Delivers patrons:

  • Three item checkout limit
  • Three week checkout period
  • One three-week renewal allowed