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Augmented Reality (AR) and Interactive Print in Education: Examples from CofC

Tips, tutorials, and resources for using augmented reality and interactive print.

Acknowledgements and Credits

Thank you to all of our partners:

Thanks to all of the students for their hard work and their willingness to share this project with others. Thank you Ally, Caitlyn, Mercy, Erin, Carlie, Molly, Holly, Markelle, Jordan, Felize, Imani, Ethan, McKenzie, Devon, Anna and Anna, and Lane.

2016: Catherine, Anna, Rose, John, Elizabeth, Natalea-Rae, Ruth, Haley, Savanna, Emma, Juan, Asa, Madelyn, Rachel, Eva, Ayla, and Alexis.

ILAS Grant: Resulting Projects and Products

The following courses have incorporated the use of interactive print:

  • Introduction to Sculpture (Studio Art/FYE)
  • Introduction to Visual Culture (Anthropology/FYE)

Refereed Journal Articles
van Arnhem, J. P., & Spiller, J. (2014, May). Augmented reality (AR) for discovery and instruction. Journal of Web Librarianship, 8(2), 214-230. Available from CofC Libraries 

Regular Column: Mobile Apps for Libraries (Open Access/Non-refereed)
van Arnhem, J.P., (2016, April). Mobile apps for libraries: Exploring Blippar for education. The Charleston Advisor. 17(4), 53-57. doi: from The Charleston Advisor.

van Arnhem, J.P., (2016, January). Mobile apps for libraries: Exploring Aurasma Studio 2.0. The Charleston Advisor. 17(3), 50-54. doi: from The Charleston Advisor.

van Arnhem, J.P., (2015, January. Mobile apps for libraries: Checking out interactive print. The Charleston Advisor. 16(1), 62-64. doi: from The Charleston Advisor.

Web-Based Publications and Tutorials
Augmented Reality (AR) and Interactive Print in Education. Available at

Invited Talks
van Arnhem, J.P. (2015, March). AR you experienced? Leveraging interactive print for cross-disciplinary connections. Paper presented at the East Carolina University’s First Annual Digital Innovation and Scholarship in Social Sciences and Humanities (DISSH) Symposium, held in Greenville, NC on March 18, 2015. 

Papers Presented
van Arnhem, J.P.(2016, August). Interactive art zines: Augmenting First Year Experience sculpture. Paper presented at the Eleventh International Conference on the Arts in Society, held in Los Angeles, CA on August 10-12, 2016.

van Arnhem, J.P. & Elliott, C.R. (2016, June). Interactive art zines: Building campus support for transdisciplinary collaboration. Poster presented at the American Library Association Annual Conference, held in Orlando, FL on June 23-28, 2016.

van Arnhem, J. P. (2014, June 29). Enhancing the traditional undergraduate research poster with interactive print. Paper presented at the 2014 Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) National Conference “Creating the citizens of tomorrow: Undergraduate research for all”conference, held in Washington, DC on June 28 – July 1, 2014.

Campus or Departmental Talks/Panels/Workshops
van Arnhem, J.P. (2017, March 9). The Power of Interactive Print for Education and Research. Presentation presented at the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference (TLTCon) held at College of Charleston in Charleston, SC on March 7-9, 2017.

Creative Work and Digital Scholarship
FYSM Arts 220 Group Show. (Dec 2016 – June 2017). Sustainability Literacy as a Bridge to Addressing 21st Century Problems: College of Charleston Quality Enhancement Project: QEP Exhibit: Sustainability Literacy, Student Art Exhibit. First Year Experience Introduction to Sculpture Interactive Print Zine Installation. Exhibited at the Marlene and Nathan Addlestone Library Second Floor Exhibit Wall at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC. Retrieved from:

Introduction to Sculpture Interactive Zine Project, available at:

Extracurricular University Service
Faculty Advisor, First Year Experience Freshman Commuter Collegium Photovoice Project (2014-2015, 2015-2016)

Manuscripts and Creative Projects in Progress/Submission
Elliott, C., Rose, M., & van Arnhem, J. P. (Eds.). (2017). LITA Guide Series: Library Go: Augmented Reality in Libraries. New York, NY: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. (in submission)


QEP Exhibit Addlestone Library 2017

FYE Introduction to Sculpture Interactive Zine Project Overview

FYE Introduction to Sculpture Interactive Zine Project (2015)

ALA Conference Presentation (2016)