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PRST 300-Spring 2016: Survey

Special Lecture Assessment

The Special Lecture Assessment tool was developed in an effort to determine whether or not our instruction efforts were successful -- whether students were able to understand and then use the content to complete research assignments. Because special lectures involve only one meeting time or at most two, the assessment tool needed to be designed to be completed quickly. Our tool is based on the 3-2-1 Assessment where we allow students to let us know what questions they have, what was unclear, and what they learned. The online tool provides a dropdown list of all library instructors as well as space for students to indicate the date and the course with which they are affiliated. This data allows us to quickly and efficiently funnel responses to the appropriate instructors.


By aggregating data on “usefulness” of the course combined with specific feedback regarding what the students learned and what was unclear, as well as specific feedback about what would improve the lectures, it is hoped that instructors will be able to identify specific areas that need to be improved.


This assessment measure has been in place since 2015. The Library Instruction Advisory Committee will assess the results and recommend any changes designed to improve the instruction program as a whole as well as the assessment tool.

Thank you!

Library Instruction Assessment