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ENGL 466: Senior Seminar in Writing, Rhetoric, and Language: Home

Course Topic: Writing the History of English at the College of Charleston

Course Description

Students will be required to draw upon and extend the writing, research, and analytical skills they have learned in previous English classes. Specifically, students will conduct original  archival research on the history of English at the College of Charleston and present findings to a variety of audiences and in a variety of genres. While we will discuss approaches toward historiography and learn archival methodologies, this course is first and foremost a writing course. Students will learn theories and strategies concerning genre, the rhetorical situation, visual rhetorical, and collaborative writing that they can use in the different writing environments theyencounter in the classroom and beyond.

Course Objectives


  • Through focusing on a narrow or novel topic of study, students will integrate and enhance the knowledge, understanding, and skills acquired during their preceding years of coursework in the major, while encountering more complex forms of close reading, writing and revising, critical engagement, and contextualization.
  • Students will take the initiative to design and pursue a major course project in consultation with their professor.
  • Students will demonstrate awareness of the wider critical, rhetorical, or artistic context that informs their major course project.
  • Students will participate actively and responsibly as members of a small learning community of other scholars and artists whose work they will be expected to respond to in an engaged and constructive way.


Introduction to Archival Research

Includes helpful information on:

  • Procedures for using Special Collections and archives in order to properly access and handle primary source material
  • Distinguishing primary, secondary, and tertiary information
  • Searching archival holdings in the online catalog and finding aids in order to retrieve holdings information

Published Histories on the College of Charleston


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