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FYSE 132/101: Jack the Ripper: Man & Myth: FYE Library Activity

Your Librarian and PF(s)

Welcome to FYE Library Day!

Your Librarian is: Jared Seay
Your Peer Facilitator(s) is:  Alex Ansari

Prof: Chad Galuska

What do YOU think of this activity?

Let your librarian & PF's know what you think of this activity!

Your feedback helps us improve future library sessions :-)

All submissions are anonymous and GREATLY APPRECIATED.


In today's session, you will learn how to generate effective search strategies and find two types of library sources.

FIRST THING: Divide up into teams of  2-3 people.  You will complete this exercise as part of a team effort.

Part 1: Concept Mapping

  • Using the concept map handout, take the general topic and generate at least 3 subtopics and 2 sub-subtopics with associated keywords.
  • Record your keywords on your Google Doc

Part 2: Find 1 Book & 1 Article

Part 3: Library Info. & Feedback‚Äč

  • Complete the very brief feedback survey.