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Data Visualization: Research Compliance @ CofC

The Belmont Report Word Cloud

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Information and Guidelines

Selected information and guidelines from the College of Charleston Research and Grants Administration (IRB).  Additional resources are available on the ORGA website.

Tips & Templates

Selected templates from the College of Charleston IRB.  Additional templates are available on the ORGA website.

Selected Tips and Samples from McMaster University's Research Ethics Board.  Additional templates and samples are available on their website. Topics include:

  1. Sample Consent & Assent Forms
  2. Sample Recruitment Materials and Participant Compensation Guidelines
  3. Sample Interviews Guides, Focus Groups, Surveys and Test Instruments
  4. Sample Confidentiality Forms
  5. Tips for Completing the Ethics Application Form & Supporting Documents

Other Sample Documents on the Internet that can be revised to suit the specifics of your ethnographic research project.

Required Procedures and Training For Research Involving Human Participants

For questions about Research Protections & Compliance contact:

Eileen Callahan
Research Protections & Compliance
Office of Research and Grants Administration
Campus Location: 407-F BellSouth (AT&T) Building
Telephone: (843) 953-7421
FAX: (843) 953-6577

College of Charleston CITI Modules