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PSYC 337: Psychology of Aging: Home

Dr. Kaiser, PSYC 337, Fall 2019


Class Report and Paper (See Class Syllabus in OAKS for Details)

  • Group project
  • Class presentation and related term paper 
  • Minimum of five recent scientific journal article references. You should use behavioral scientific library search sources , e.g., Psyc Info, to access articles for the paper. Be very judicious in use of information from internet sites; those with .org and .gov suffixes will be permitted. You can be more liberal in the use of such sites for your class presentation, however.
  • Comprehension of research, critical evaluation of it, and application of pertinent findings are course goals and should be demonstrated in your oral and written work associated with this project.
  • APA style is required.

Jannette Finch, North Campus Librarian

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