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This guide supports students in the Bachelor of General Studies program.

About the Bachelor of General Studies

(from the Bachelor of General Studies web site,

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program is well suited for students who prefer not to choose a specific major, but want to design a unique degree program by choosing two minors. Students will complete the usual 122 hours of coursework, including general education requirements and electives, plus the requirements for two self-selected minors.

There are two options available to students to allow students to complete their degree given their current life and work situation. This program is available in person on the College of Charleston’s campus, or you can complete your degree 100% online by choosing from a smaller, but growing, list of minors.

You can choose from the list of minors available at the College of Charleston, or you can select from our list of online minors. If you choose from our online minors, this degree can be completed 100% online. We currently offer the following online minors:

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