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Select databases for biology and psychology research


Welcome to this Gateway to Neuroscience &


Here you will find information to help you:

  • Distinguish between primary and secondary research articles
  • Read a research article
  • Search the Web of Science database
  • Cite a research article in APA format

I'm Geoff Timms, your Gateway to Neuroscience and STEM-SCAMP librarian and I am here to assist you as you use library resources to do your research in this course. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are having problems with finding what you need.

I am based on James Island at the Marine Resources Library, so email is the best way to contact me. The Access and Instruction Desk at Addlestone Library is also staffed by a librarian who can help you.

Geoff Timms, Librarian for Marine Resources

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Geoff Timms

Geoff's Scholarship

Marine Resources Library, Fort Johnson