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FYSE 142 - Charleston as a Classroom: FYSE 142

Library and web resources for Dale Rosengarten's FYE class.


Welcome to the Addlestone Library!

This guide will help you navigate the many resources we available, including:

  • Primary Sources
  • Databases
  • Books
  • Web sources

Most  resources are findable in our discovery service (see the search box to the right).

We have provided you many links to materials specific to this course via the tabs.

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What is a Primary Source?

A primary source is a source that was created during or immediately after the event or period that it documents. Primary sources enable researchers to get as close as possible to what actually happened during an historical event and or time period. A primary source is a first-hand account of an event. Primary sources may include newspaper articles, letters, diaries, interviews, laws, reports of government commissions, and many other types of documents.

Subject Guide

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