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Circulation Staff

Circulation and Shelving Department


Brandon Lewter
Access Services Coordinator

(843) 953-4982

Will Breard
Circulation and Shelving Manager 

(843) 953-8004

Mike Dodd
Evening/Weekend Supervisor

(843) 953-8001

Stacy Haynes


(843) 953-8005

Shirley Roberts
Evening/Weekend Supervisor

(843) 953-0008

Jim Walker

(843) 953-0008


Circulation Supervisor


Circulation Supervisor​​


Welcome to the Circulation Services guide.  Here you will find the resources and services provided by our department to assist you in your intellectual and informational pursuits. Great customer is our aim and it starts with great core values and work ethics such as respect, integrity, quality, dependability, teamwork, innovation and stewardship. This is what drives us to help others and to perform well.

Team Leaders

The Purpose of the Team Leader policy is to identify, recognize, and reward student employees who have outstanding work ethics, demonstrated strong leadership qualities, and practice excellent customer service skills. After one year of employment in the Circulation Department, student employees will be considered for the team leader position based on performance, work ethics, leadership qualities, customer service skills, and conduct. Also, the student employee must be responsible, dependable, and have the ability to encourage, motivate, and inspire a team.  Please see the Team Leader Policy for additional details.

Reach Students

The Addlestone Library is a proud participant in career development through the REACH program. The REACH Program at College of Charleston provides an opportunity to those individuals with intellectual disabilities who are looking to engage in a typical college experience. All students in the REACH Program engage in career exploration and development through course work and internship opportunities that are available both on and off campus. REACH students have access to every aspect of college life: classes with typical students, on-campus living, ability to join clubs, take part in social events and complete internships while attending. College IS possible with the REACH Program.  The library typically employs 4 or more students from the REACH program.

Reach Photo

Student Assistants

The Circulation Department is part of the Student Employment Program at the College of Charleston, which provides students with the opportunity to explore career choices as well as gain critical skills to improve marketability for professional employment.

Students who qualify for the Federal College Work-Study Program as established by guidelines of the U.S. Department of Education are paid from funds derived from the federal government and the university at the ratio of 75%-25%. If the student does not qualify for Federal College Work-Study, 100% of his/her salary is paid from the College Institutional Funds.

If you were not eligible for a Federal Work Study award as part of your financial aid package, you may apply for the Non Work Study (NWS) job listings available on CisternOnline. Depending upon the application instructions provided with each job, you should proceed accordingly. Applications for library student assistants are also available in Administration, on the second floor of Addlestone Library above Starbucks.

Volunteers and Community Service


For volunteer opportunities, contact the Circulation Department at (843)953-8001. If approved, the Circulation Department offers valuable experience for prospective library workers or individuals wishing to serve their community.

Community Service

Often students are required to fulfill a service committment as part of an organization, etc., and many of them choose to serve in the library. For inquiries about Community Service, please contact the Circulation Department at (843)953-8001, or stop by the Circulation Desk at Addlestone Library between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Community Service photo