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Circulation Services: General Services


Officer WashingtonSecurity at the Addlestone Library is maintained by College of Charleston Public Safety. Officers are on duty during building hours, with a service desk located by the Calhoun Street doors on the first floor.

After midnight, only CofC students, faculty, and staff are allowed in the building, so be sure you have your Cougar Card with you!

  • To contact the Security Desk at Addlestone, call 843-953-0761.
  • For emergencies, call 911.



Disability Services

The Addlestone Library is in full support and compliance with the Center for Disability Services.

Students with questions or concerns in this area may seek assistance and guidance from the Center for Disability Services/SNAP:
  Phone: 843.953.1431
  Assistive Technology Links:

Finding Books - LC numbers

Library of Congress System (finding books)

Book are organized by the Library of Congress system, which uses subject headings, to the convenience of serious researchers. Below is a diagram explaining how LC works:

LC explanation

Lost and Found

The Circulation Desk is home to the library’s Lost and Found. Anything lost in Addlestone Library may be turned in here.

For inquiries about missing items, visit the Circulation Desk or inquire by phone at 843-953-8001.

Misplaced items (such as backpacks, books, calculators, cameras, cash, cellphones, clothing, computers, glasses, hats, IDs, iPods, jewelry, keys, legal documents, purses, skateboards, umbrellas, wallets, and watches) are also regularly turned in to the College of Charleston Lost and Found, which is maintained by the Department of Public Safety.  Items received are reviewed to determine ownership and one of our officers will always, if possible, contact the owner(s) via phone or their campus email accounts.  The vast majority of non-perishable items are kept for ninety days before being submitted to the State of South Carolina for disposal. 

Anyone desiring to check if their missing item(s) have been turned in should contact Public Safety at 843-953-4980.

The College of Charleston does not offer claim rights to persons turning in lost property.

Hold Procedure

The Circulation Desk will hold library books (not personal items) for up to 5 days under the requesting patron’s name. This service is useful when you don't have your Cougar Card for checkout, or if you only want to use any books you’ve found in the actual building.

Search Procedure

Items listed as available that patrons are unable to locate may be subject to a formal search. Patrons are encouraged to visit the Circulation desk and have them do a brief check for the missing item.  If they are unable to quickly locate the item, patrons are encouraged to leave contact information and the latest date the material is needed, so that if it is located by then, it will be held for that patron.

Additional Computer Resources

Patrons interested in basic computing skills may seek instruction from the following organizations:
Charleston County Public Library:
Trident Literacy Association: