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Circulating Laptops: Print/Copy/Scan

Faxing and Notary Services

For students need to fax they’re closest options are the Copycenter 5th floor of the Bell building and Kinko’s.


A list of notaries on campus can be found here:


Printing can be performed from any of the 250 lab computers using one's 300 page print allocation.  This account is refreshed at the beginning of each semester for a total of 900 free prints per year.  Due to limitations of the software the number of free prints can't be changed without changing the number of free prints for everyone at the College.

Mobility print is a service where you can print from your computer and pick up the print job in the Addlestone Library computer lab.  You will need to download the client software or install the printer on your computer in order to do this, for more information please go to the student computing support blog.


Copiers: You may use one of several library copiers in the library.  The copiers accept change, bills or cougar cards.  The copiers are  located in the copier room on the 1st floor to the right of Starbucks, and on the 3rd floor to the left of the stairs.  All of these copiers should scan to College email addresses @ no charge.

Color Copier: There is a color copier located to the right of the Student Support desk which provides color copies and prints for .35 per page.  This copier also has the ability to scan in color to College email addresses @no charge.

Microfilm Copiers: There are 2 microfilm readerprinters located on the 3rd floor behind the shelving. See circulation if you are making a large number of copies.  There is also a digital microform scanner on the first floor.

Proxy Card Service: Faculty members may authorize designated students, graduate assistants and research assistants of their choosing to check out library books, media, print microfilm copies and place items on reserve using the faculty member’s library account(s). To learn more about this service please click on the link


Microform Scanner: We have 2 Scanpro 2000 digital microform scanners which  allow patrons to scan and manipulate digital images from microfilm or microfiche. With these devices, poor quality images from microfilm can be enhanced, lightened or darkened, cropped and either emailed, printed using one's 300 page print allocation or purchased at .05 using your cougar card.  These scanners are located to the right of the Information desk in the Computer lab, as you approach CSL.  For assistance using the microform scanner, please see the Information desk.

Flatbed Scanner: Located in the Computing lab, right next to the Student Support desk are 3 scanners capable of scanning photo's and text into digital images.

Kic Walk-up Scanners

The Addlestone Library announces the addition of 2 new state-of-the-art document scanning kiosks (known as the Knowledge Imaging Center or KIC) located in the Library’s first floor copy room, beside Java City and an ada compliant KIC in the center of the computer lab. The KIC walk-up kiosk scanner provides fast, convenient scanning of all types of documents. The KIC features intuitive touch screen controls for easy use. Documents are saved either to a USB flash drive or sent to an email account. The environmentally friendly KIC allows users to read documents electronically without the need to print them out. One can even save scanned documents in audio format, which can be played back on any portable digital audio device.


Unlike traditional desktop scanners and copiers, KIC’s unique design uses a V-cradle scanning bed so documents remain completely untouched by the scanner’s image capturing lens. The V-cradle preserves book bindings and is excellent for older, fragile books. The scanner is capable of scans up to 17 X 24 inches, or as small as a postage stamp, and scans in vibrant color or black & white. It’s ten times faster than a traditional copier and four times faster than a desktop scanner. Documents are saved in a multiple formats (including searchable PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and MP3 audio files) in a matter of seconds. The KIC scanner is a UDSA compliant digitization system.

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