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Circulation Services: Reserves


Faculty may put material on reserve any time during the semester. Items are shelved under the name of the first person to request the item and cross reference is placed in the database. The following types of materials are accepted for reserve: cataloged books, manuscripts, photocopied material, computer printouts, tapes, microforms, maps, collections of materials for classroom study, and other materials for classroom study or college use. When the library accepts photo duplicated portions of copyrighted materials, the staff will follow the provisions of the US copyright laws. Personal copies of books and other materials may also be accepted for reserve, but with the understanding that these materials are placed on reserve at the owner’s risk and will be processed for use by students and possibly other library patrons.  Please see the Reserve Policy for more details.

See the Circulation Department our check with your professor to find out what reserves are available online or on hard copy for you.

Loan Periods

§  Generally loan periods are as follows:

·         Two hour library use only

o   Limit 2 hours/day

o   2 hour/overnight – These materials may be checked one hour before closing and must be returned one hour after opening the following day.

o   4 hour – These are usually DVDs or other media that are over 2 hours in duration and require more time to view.

·         One Day

·         Three Day

·         Seven Day

·         Other time periods may be set

Items on reserve (not just books!)

Items on reserve include calculators, laptop chargers, digital cameras, markers, ethernet cables, iPads, laptops, kindles, projector, paper cutter, microscope, white out, glue, scissors, tape, smartboard controllers.

Reserve Items Photo