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CLAW: Carolina Lowcountry & Atlantic World: Find Slavery Articles

This guide will direct researchers to resources on the topic of the Carolina Lowcountry region and its historical connection to the Atlantic World.

About this page

Find articles related to slavery by searching in these recommended e-journals and databases. Below you will find

  • descriptions for recommended e-journals
  • descriptions for recommended databases 
  • database search strategies.

If you have any questions or would like research assistance, don't hesitate to chat with us or to schedule an appointment with a librarian. 

Recommended E-Journals

Recommended Databases

Database Search Strategies

  • Step 1: Write your topic out in a sentence or question form.
    • Example:​ "How did transatlantic trade networks affect the development of politics and culture in the United States?"
  • Step 2: Break your topic sentence up into main ideas or keywords.
    • Example: transatlantictrade networks, politics, culture, United States
  • Step 3: Create alternate search terms or synonyms that describe each key concept.
    • ​​Example: culture - civilization, society, convention, lifestyle
  • Step 4: Use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to make a complete search statement.
    • AND limits or narrows your search to results that mention all your keywords
    • OR broadens your search to include synonyms
    • NOT allows you to exclude synonyms or related concepts from your search
  • Step 5: Add wildcards to search for all possible word endings.
    • A wildcard is usually represented by an asterisk (*). This process is also called truncation. 
    • A wildcard search for culturwill produce results for all related word forms, such as culturalculture, cultures.
  • Step 6: Evaluate your results
    • If you are finding too few results, try these tricks to broaden your search -- 
      • Find a synonym for each keyword
      • Use a broader concept (ship instead of frigate)
      • Use wildcards/truncation
    • If you are finding too many results, try these tricks to narrow your search -- 
      • Add another concept or idea to your search with Boolean operator AND
      • Use more specific concepts (frigate instead of ship)
    • Look for subject categories assigned to an article in the article's record. You may discover new terms that can be used as synonyms or alternative search criteria.

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