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CLAW: Carolina Lowcountry & Atlantic World: Find Atlantic World Books

This guide will direct researchers to resources on the topic of the Carolina Lowcountry region and its historical connection to the Atlantic World.

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Find books related to the Atlantic world by browsing these recommended titles. Below you will find

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Library of Congress Classification

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Browse the Library of Congress Classification Outline to search for ranges of books by subject classification. It provides a guide to the books that are actually in the library's collections. You can search Addlestone's 2nd floor Book Stacks for the topics that interest you! The ranges listed here are the beginnings of books' call numbers. Below you will find subclass ranges for subjects relevant to this topic.

Class D - World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Etc.

Subclass D - History (General)

  • D25-27 Military and naval history
  • D204-475 Modern history, 1453-
    • D219-234 1453-1648
    • D242-283.5 1601-1715. 17th century
    • D284-297 1715-1789. 18th century 
    • D299-(475) 1789­
  • D900-2009 Euope (General)
    • D901-980 Description and travel
    • D1050-2027 History

Subclass DA - History of Great Britain

  • DA28-592 History
    • DA40-89.6 Political, military, naval, and Air Force history. Foreign relations 
    • DA300-592 Modern history, 1485­-

Subclass DC - History of France

  • DC35-424 History
    • DC44-59.8 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations
    • DC110-433 Modern, 1515­-

Subclass DP - History of Spain - Portugal

  • DP1-402 History of Spain
    • DP76-86 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations 
    • DP161-272.4 Modern Spain, 1479/1516­-
  • DP501-(900.22) History of Portugal 
    • DP547-557 Military, naval, and political history. Foreign relations 
    • DP620-682.2 Modern Portugal,1580­-

Subclass DT - History of Africa

  •  DT470-671 West Africa. West Coast
    • DT491-516.9 British West Africa
    • DT521-555.9 French West Africa. French Sahara. West Sahara. Sahel
    • DT561-581 Cameroon (Cameroun, Kamerun) 
    • DT582-582.9 Togo. Togoland 
    • DT591-615.9 Portuguese-speaking West Africa 
    • DT619-620.9 Spanish West Africa 
    • DT621-637 Liberia
  • DT1251-1465 Angola 
  • DT1501-1685 Namibia. South-West Africa

Class E-F - History of the Americas

Subclass E11-143 - America

  • E31-49.2 North America 
  • E51-73 Pre-Columbian America. The Indians 
  • E75-99 Indians of North America 
  • E101-135 Discovery of America and early explorations 
    • E103-110 Pre-Columbian period 
    • E111-120 Columbus
    • E121-135 Post-Columbian period. El Dorado 

Subclass F1201-3799 - Latin America. Spanish America

  • F1201-1392 Mexico 
  • F1601-1629 West Indies 
    • F1630-1640 Bermudas 
    • F1650-1660 Bahamas
    • F1741-1991 Greater Antilles 
    • F2001-2151 Lesser Antilles 
  • F2155-2191 Caribbean area. Caribbean Sea 
  • F2201-3799 South America

Recommended Titles