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Digital Humanities: DH@CofC

Resources for teaching and scholarship in the field of digital humanities.

Digital Scholarship Projects @CofC Showcase

Digital Humanities Services and Projects @CofC

Information about Digital Scholarship services and projects at the College of Charleston.

Digital Scholarship Projects @CofC Showcase

The Program in the Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World seeks to advance public understanding of the history and culture of the South Carolina Lowcountry and to examine the cultural, economic, and political exchanges of the larger Atlantic World. In support of this mission, it seeks to use the latest techniques and technologies to improve digital access to the program's public history projects and its education outreach activities. By utilizing the best practices of the rapidly evolving field of digital humanities, the CLAW program aspires to build partnerships between academic humanists and information technologists to improve our collective understanding of the region in a global context. The program's Digital Initiatives plans to utilize a multifaceted approach that takes advantage of historical and anthropological scholarship, oral history, integrative archival practices, digital librarianship, and spatial, temporal, and environmental information to improve the pedagogical focus of the study of the Atlantic World at the College of Charleston. CLAW hopes to create rich collaborations in an effort to better understand the Lowcountry as a place and investigate the region's rich history relative to the nation and the world.

Digital Scholarship Services @CofC Libraries


The Digital Scholarship and Services department is pleased to offer a variety of services to the College, including:

Digital Collection Development

  • Materials assessment
  • Image scanning and editing
  • Text scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) rendering
  • Audio and video digitization and processing
  • Metadata creation
  • Data upload and hosting

Digital Collection Migration

  • Metadata and content harvesting
  • Metadata analysis and enhancement

Digital Publications

  • E-journal publishing and editorial management 
  • Conference management web hosting 

Resource Discovery

  • User interface development and web design
  • Data visualizations

Presentation and instruction to faculty, staff, and students

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Scholars Studio Librarian

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Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnhem M.F.A., M.L.I.S.
Addlestone Library, Room 101