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Resources for teaching and scholarship in the field of digital humanities.

Digital Humanities List by Dan Cohen

DH Centers List by Jason Heppler

Hashtag Timeline

A real-time list of Tweets on Twitter with hashtags #digitalhumanities and #dh.

Twitter & DH Hashtags

Creative Commons licensed photo by Flickr user findyoursearch.Twitter has emerged as the key platform for communication among digital humanists. See The CUNY Digital Humanities Research Guide for more information on DH on TwitterDH Now in Journals, and Tips.

Tips, links, and articles about using Twitter


The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet (it can also be used on other social media platforms). If you Tweet with a hashtag on a public account, anyone who does a search for that hashtag may find your Tweet. Common digital humanities hashtags are #digitalhumanities and #dh.  One way to find relevant hashtags on Twitter is to use commonly used digital humanities vocabulary, for example #digitalteaching. Searching other social media sites (i.e. Tumblr and Pinterest) can help identify relevant hashtags as well.   

Using Twitter lists & Timelines

When you log in to Twitter, you'll land on the Tweets timeline view of your homepage. If you see Tweets in your timeline from users you don't follow, check to see if they are retweets. It's likely someone you do follow chose to re-broadcast a message because they found it interesting. Timelines can also consist of collected messages from users in lists that you've curated or as search results. When you click on a list, you will see an aggregated stream of Tweets (a timeline) posted by the users included in that list. Similarly, when you perform a search, you'll see a timeline of messages that all match your search terms.

Read more about Using Twitter Lists  and Timelines from the Twitter Help Center.  A great place to learn more about using Twitter for DH is Revisiting the Twitter Tutorial with @dmlcomp Tweeps recommended Sheryl Grant, HASTAC

Lists and People to Follow

Twitter Apps

There are a variety of Twitter apps to choose from.  8 Useful Tools to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts Simultaneously provides a helpful introduction. 

25 Twitter Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts, from Mashable wrote, breaks down some of the more popular multiple account apps by categories for desktop, browser add-on, mobile, and semi-professional.



Tumblr is another social media platform that you can use to search for DH hashtags and find DH scholars.  Steven E. Jones is using to provide information about projects that has inspired or been inspired by his book project The Emergence of the Digital Humanities due to be published by Routledge in August.  To find more Tumblr users to follow, use the RSS feed for Tumblr entries tagged with 'digital-humanities' to find more posts related to digital humanities.

The Emergence of Digital Humanities by Steven E. Jones on Tumblr Screenshot


Pinterest is a visual virtual pinboard that you can use to collect and search for visual DH information.  To find Pinterest boards about Digital Humanities, use the feed for Pinterest Boards on Digitial Humanities.

Katherine O'Flaherty discusses using Pinterest to connect students, reinforce links between classroom content and current events, and connect students across disciplines in Pinning the Digital Humanities: Collaboration, Curation, and Classrooms

Pinterest Boards Tagged Digital Humanities Screenshot