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Addlestone Library Faculty Resource Room: Faculty Resource Room 338

Information about the Faculty Resource Room at Addlestone Library

Scheduling Contact Information


1st Floor
Addlestone Library
P. 843-953-8005

Faculty Resource Room Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday: 7:30am-12:00am
Friday: 7:30am-8:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-8:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am-12:00am

Hardware and Software

Using your personal laptop 

Wireless Network

  • Faculty can connect to the College of Charleston wireless network within the Library. Guests can connect to the guest wireless network (cofc-guest) within the Library. Open a web browser and go to to configure your laptop for wireless.

Connecting to the Projector

  • A VGA cable is provided. 
  • Mac Users, we do not have video adaptors on hand, please make sure to bring your video adapter.

Wireless Printing

  • At the start of each semester (Fall, Spring, and Maymester), all faculty, staff and students receive an allocation of 300 free pages (i.e. $15 credit).
  • Faculty connected to the eduroam wireless network can send print jobs from their own devices to printers in the Addlestone Library or the Education Center atrium. For instructions, visit the Student Computing Support blog at:
  • If you require assistance, visit the Information Desk on the first floor of the Library.

A few notes about printing:

  • Your printing allocation only applies to the black & white Student Computing Lab printers in the Addlestone Library and Education Center. It cannot be used with the color printer or public printer in the computer lab.
  • Your allocation resets each semester. There is no rollover.
  • If you use up your print allocation, additional printing costs 5¢ per page, payable in Cougar Cash.



Faculty Resource Room 338

The Faculty Resource Room (338) is available to faculty for writing, research, to review student papers or other individual or collaborative scholarly pursuits. The room is kept locked so please stop by the Circulation department to obtain the key.  Please make sure to lock the faculty resource room at the library upon exiting and return the key to the Circulation Desk. Room 338 is a multipurpose room so you may want to call ahead to check availability or reserve the room.

Due to requests to offer after-hours support for a scantron machine, the library has partnered with Information Technology to provide access to an additional scrantron machine for faculty use in room 338 of the Addlestone Library.  Faculty who are experienced using the scantron are encouraged to use the self-service library scantron to scan their tests. You may sign out the room key at the Circulation desk.  Printed instructions for using the Scantron are available, if needed.  Please return instructions with room key to the Circulation desk. Due to limited staff, the library does not provide drop off service.

Faculty who are in close proximity to the Bell Building and may be new to using a scantron, are encouraged to use the Information Technology scantron machine located on the 5th floor of the Bell Building, which is available for faculty use during normal business hours, and provides drop off service. 

If you want to check availability of the Scantron station before walking over to the library or Bell building, you can check over the campus network at This map only works on campus or through the VPN.  


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