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FYSE 101/139: Female Action Figures on the Screen: Library Activity

FYE Library Activity Spring 2017

Your Librarian and PF(s)

Welcome to FYE Library Day!

Your Librarian: Jared Seay
Your Peer Facilitator:  Nicole Tarcza

Your Professor: Evan Parry

What do YOU think of this activity?

Let your librarian & PF's know what you think of this activity!

Your feedback helps us improve future library sessions :-)

All submissions are anonymous and GREATLY APPRECIATED.


In today's session, you will learn how to generate effective search strategies and find two types of library sources. Your professor will give you a main topic to research.  You will use today's activity to break that research topic into more specific concepts and keywords to more effectively research it.

FIRST THING: Divide up into teams of  2-3 people.  You will complete this exercise as part of a team effort.

Part 1: Concept Mapping

  • Use the concept map on the Google Doc to write down your main topic and generate 3 concepts based on your main topic, and then generate 3 keywords for each concept.
  • Record your concepts and keywords on your Google Doc

Part 2: Find 1 Book & 1 Article

Part 3: Library Info. & Feedback‚Äč

  • Complete the very brief feedback survey.