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FYE 2013 SCVNGR Trek@Addlestone Library: Home

The FYE SCVNGR Trek is about meeting new people, learning about library resources, and earning points!


Welcome to the FYE @ Addlestone Trek on SCVNGR -- and welcome to Addlestone Library itself! This trek is designed to teach you about library resources...and along the way, it's a great opportunity to socialize, make new friends, and find out more about the Library. So...pick a team, grab an iPod, and let's get started!

What is SCVNGR?

  • A location-base game for mobile devices
  • Check-in, complete challenges, earn points
  • Compete and connect with your classmates!

Complete challenges, earn points, and unlock the mysteries of the Addlestone Library!

Click here to see photos, statistics, & rankings.

Students tells us after completing the trek

76% felt comfortable finding and asking for help in the library

72% learned how to navigate the library’s physical space

59% learned how to access information using their personal device or smartphone

Students who missed class

We can offer 2 options for students who missed their scheduled SCVNGR hunt in the library.

Option 1:

In consultation with their PF, students can go to the App Store or Google Play and install SCVNGR and CofC Mobile on their mobile phone or use the iPad at the Information Desk to complete the activity using the directions on the home page of this guide.

Option 2:

With PF permission, students can schedule a research consultation with one of the librarians to cover this material. 

Acknowledgements & Credits

Based on the UC Merced LibGuide:

FYE SCVNGR Hunt Contributors include:

Addlestone Library Circulation Desk Staff

Addlestone Library Information Desk Staff

Matt Branton

Cathy Evans

Page Keller

Dr. Christopher Korey

Alana Lewis

Brandon Lewter

Christa Poparad

Phillip Powell

Jolanda-Pieta van Arnhem

Play SCVNGR in Addlestone Library

Step 1: Form 5 teams. 

Step 2: Your Peer Facilitator will distribute an iPod to each team.

Step 3: Open the CofC Mobile app on your iPod and select "Library."

Step 4: Open the SCVNGR app on your iPod and sign in using a group member's name. You will switch between the two apps as you complete challenges during your trek.

Step 5: Select "Treks" then select "FYE @ Addlestone."

Step 6: Under "Places" select "Marlene & Nathan Addlestone Library." 

Step 7: Each group chooses a different place from the list to get started with challenges!

Step 8: When you've completed all the challenges, return the iPod to your PF.

Note: If you get disconnected from the internet, go to the settings icon and tap Wi-Fi then cofc-secure.
If you can't reconnect, a paper version of the activity is available at the Circulation Desk or the Information Desk.

Have fun! -- Welcome to CofC!

Ask Us!

Need Help LibChat

Stay connected with CofC Mobile

Universal Access

For those desiring a larger format for the activity, the iPad at the Information Desk may be borrowed from the library staff member on duty. Closed captioned videos are loaded on the iPad.

Closed captioned videos are located in the "video" folder on the iPods.

Click here for Video Transcript

As an alternate assignment, with PF permission, students may schedule a research consultation with their embedded librarian.