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Gothic Literature FYE Library Day Activity: FYE Library Activity

FYE Library Activity Spring 2016

Your Librarian and PF(s)

Welcome to FYE Library Day!

Your Librarian is: Burton Callicott
Your Peer Facilitator is: Eli Major-Wright

What do YOU think of this activity?

Let your librarian & PF's know what you think of this activity!

Your feedback helps us improve future library sessions :-)

All submissions are anonymous and GREATLY APPRECIATED.


In today's session, you will learn how to find sources that can help you put your chosen text into context.

Part 1: Google Docs

  • Open the "read-only" Google worksheet
  • Log into you Google account
  • Click on "File" at the top of the page, and select "Make a copy..." so that you can work on the assignment.
  • Click on "blue share button" at the top right of the page and share you document with

Part 2: Find 1 Scholarly Source + 1 Contemporary Source + 1 Magazine Source related to your chosen text. 

  • Look for sources that can help you understand why your chosen text is culturally significant -- why it matters? what kind of influence did it have? what kind of reaction did it have? and why?

Part 3: Questions/Discussion/Printing

  • Open forum for questions or comments.
  • Addlestone Library Handout shared in class

Part 4: Library Info. & Feedback

  • Complete the very brief feedback survey.