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Study Skills Workshops 201: Helpful Apps : Helpful Apps Overview

This guide provides information on finding helpful apps for studying and managing college life.

Is There a "Best" App?

 College Apps for Studying and Completing Assignments provides a good overview of the types of apps that are available to help you study and manage college life.  The Daily Tekk roundup is #22 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category. In this list Apps the author includes apps for studying, socializing, eating, staying organized, getting a job or internship, financing your education, college life, online learning, and other miscellaneous helpful apps. 







Apps for College

7 Free Apps That Make College Life Simple

Taylor Ramage provides information 7 Free Apps That Make College Life Simple.  A few worth noting:

 Socialbrite also provides a great list of the Top 15 tools & apps for college students.



Tools Not Toys by Melissa Hortman

Tools Not Toys 2.0 by Melissa Hortman

App Showcase

Ryan Lytle, on US News provides readers with helpful information on 5 Apps That Can Help Students Manage College Life.  Apps included are:

Other Helpful Apps for Studying worth noting:


Helpful Apps Acknowledgments and Contributors


"Helpful Apps" is based on Apps for academics: mobile web sites & apps, created by Nicole Hennig and Remlee Green at the MIT Libraries

Many departments have suggested apps that have been incorporated in this guide. If you have a recomendation, please feel free to use the "Suggest an App" form below!

Center for Student Learning
Melissa Hortman (Tools Not Toys: Presentation), Melissa Thomas, Lindy Coleman (App Suggestions) 

College of Charleston Libraries
James Williams, Steven Profit and J. van Arnhem (Mobile Access Research Guide)

Center for Disability Services
Deborah Freel Mihal  (Apps for College Students: Presentation)    

Academic Advising and Planning Center
Silvia Youssef Hanna (App Suggestions)

Teaching, Learning & Technology (Tutorials and Mobile Apps blog)
Zach Hartje (iPad Lending Program)

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
Study Skills Workshops: Helpful Apps by van Arnhem, J.P. is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.