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What is This?

Library DIY is a "do it yourself" guide to library research. A student can find their questions (I need help with the research process and finding a topic) and follow the guided instructions included in the College of Charleston Libraries Information Literacy Instruction Modules. The modules are organized into two categories, "research" and "writing and presenting."  You can complete an entire module, or select a topic that you need help with. The modules are designed to help you improve your research, writing, and presentation skills and to help you find resources at the College of Charleston.

How Do I Use This Guide?

Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate to each instruction module. If you are required to complete specific modules for course credit, please follow your professor's directions carefully. If you are completing the modules for fun, however, you may view the material and take the quizzes as many times as you like! Test your skill level beforehand with the Pre-Assessment. After you complete all of the modules, take the Post-Assessment. There are four types of items linked in the Research and Writing Modules:

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Your quiz scores are available to your professors, if they choose to access them.

Will My Professor Be Able to See My Quiz Scores?

If you are a faculty member wishing to use any of these modules in your course and would like to access your students' results, please contact Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnhem.  Contact information is available on the FAQ|Questions|Getting Help tab of this guide.

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