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CofC Libraries Instruction Program: Home

CofC Librarians and Archivists are available to provide both scheduled and point of need instruction to ensure users have access to regular and timely instruction in the use of library and other learning/information resources.

Library Instruction Program

The College of Charleston Libraries strive to ensure users have access to regular and timely instruction in the use of our libraries and other learning/information resources. Our multifaceted approach provides scheduled instruction throughout the curriculum as well as instruction at the user’s point of need. Scheduled Instruction is proactive instruction such as information literacy sessions and workshops where Librarians and/or Archivists instruct students, faculty, staff, or affiliates in a scheduled, structured setting often aligned with the College curriculum or specific student learning outcome. Point of Need Instruction is reactive instruction such as questions (<15 minutes) and consultations (> 15 minutes) where students, faculty, staff, or affiliates initiate a request for personalized instruction based on their current need or assignment.

The program, guided by the Library Instruction Advisory Committee, adheres to the American Library Associations’ (ALA) Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) standards and framework for information literacy in higher education. Assessment results from the various facets inform program changes and are available in the CofC Libraries Instruction Assessment Research Guide.

CofC Libraries Instruction Contacts

Burton Callicott
Head of Research & Instruction
Addlestone Library

Instruction Contacts by Location

Addlestone Library
Elena Rodriguez
Coordinator of Instruction

Scholars Studio, Addlestone Library
Jolanda "Joey" Van Arnhem 
Scholar's Studio Librarian

Special Collections
Mary Jo Fairchild
Manager of Research Services

Avery Research Center
Aaisha Haykal
Manager of Archival Services

North Campus and Lowcountry Graduate Center
Jannette Finch (on Sabbatical Spring 2019)
Jolanda "Joey" VanArnhem 
Scholar's Studio Librarian

Marine Resources Library
Geoff Timms
Librarian for Marine Resources

Instruction Contacts by Discipline

After clicking the link below, use the pull-down menu to select your discipline.

Scheduled Instruction

The College's Libraries strive to collaborate with faculty of every discipline to teach students research, information, and digital literacy skills. Librarians work closely with the faculty member to develop a special lecture that focuses on the type of research and content specific to each course. Librarians can also create web based library research guides and help instruct students in other tools (iMovie/Moviemaker, Wordpress/Blogger, Google Apps, Prezi, etc.) that specifically incorporate library resources related to your course. By having a librarian deliver a special lecture for your curriculum, the librarian can assist you by helping your students:

  1. Develop compelling research questions
  2. Identify contextually appropriate tools and resources to answer research questions
  3. Employ effective and efficient search strategies to find a range of appropriate information sources
  4. Critically evaluate information according to discipline specific parameters of authority
  5. Use information ethically, avoiding plagiarism and respecting the intellectual property of others
  6. Contribute to ongoing scholarly conversation by producing new information content and building on previous scholarly efforts

Many faculty members report receiving better research papers from their students following library instruction sessions.

For information on scheduling an instruction session for your class, please contact your department's Library Liaison or click here to schedule an instruction session.

Point of Need Instruction

The Access & Instruction Desk provides the CofC community with answers to research and computing questions. Visit us on the 1st floor of Addlestone Library or contact us using any of the methods below.

For Faculty

Other Resources