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BIOL502 Marine Genomics and Bioinformatics: Welcome

This guide includes selected print and/or electronic books, journals, databases, and web resources to support research in marine genomics and assignments for BIOL502.

Marine Resources Library


The marine genomics concentration at the College of Charleston is focused on applying the power of genomic approaches to increasing understanding of the interactions of marine organisms with their environment, including infectious diseases, and the relationship between the oceans and human health.  This Research Guide will direct you to our library resources that will support your research and study in this area as well as assignments for BIOL502 Marine Genomics and for BIOL503 Marine Molecular Ecology.

Recommended Resources

Where to Look for More

Use the tabs above to find more resources on this topic.  Click on the links below to visit resource guides in specific areas of marine science.

Geoff Timms, Librarian for Marine Resources

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Geoff Timms

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