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BIOL 303 Phycology: Home

Research in Phycology (seaweed on rocks)

untitled [seaweed on rock] by come2lee0, used under Pixabay / Cropped from original and text added


"Kelp" by Klaus Stiefel, used under CC BY-NC 2.0 / Cropped from original


I am based at Fort Johnson on James Island, where Grice Marine Lab is located. I manage the Marine Resources Library and support College, state, and federal marine biologists. This means that I am not at the Addlestone Library on the main campus very often.

The best way to contact me for any assistance is by email. If you need to meet with me, we can arrange a time for me to come to Addlestone Library or for you to visit the Marine Resources Library. We can even meet by Skype.

For general library questions, the Addlestone Library Access & Instruction Desk is also staffed with people who can help.

Geoff Timms, Librarian for Marine Resources

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Geoff Timms

Geoff's Scholarship

Marine Resources Library, Fort Johnson