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Student Library Advisory Board (SLAB): About

Student Library Advisory Board

Student Library Advisory Board (SLAB)

About the Student Library Advisory Board (Mission)

The Student Library Advisory Board (SLAB) contributes both a unique and vital perspective on issues such as collaborative learning, desired atmosphere for study, technological needs or uses of current technology, and the creation and development of a student video collection. The SLAB provides input on which library services students find effective, which services are ineffective and which services students don’t use.

The primary objective of the board is to serve as a conduit for the exchange of ideas between the student body and the library administration in order to better address student needs, provide new services and improve existing services. This board is strictly advisory in nature.

It is our hope that the Student Library Advisory Board will help student gain a deeper understanding of the mission, purpose and role of the academic library as well as a deeper understanding of the activities, environment and tools that are necessary for serious academic inquiry. Please feel free to communicate with the SLAB by email at

If you would like to provide a suggestion for the Library, please use the Suggestion Box.

Student Library Advisory Board (SLAB) Goals

Student Library Advisory Board Goals:

  • Facilitate and strengthen communication between the Libraries and students.
  • Bring ideas and issues to the attention of the Libraries.
  • Provides feedback on issues such as marketing to students and changes to services, policies and hours.
  • Provide advice on usability of library system interfaces.
  • Identify and initiate joint projects or initiatives between the Libraries and students.
  • Help library administrators understand student’s information and research needs.
  • Provide an opportunity to increase awareness of library services and issues related to access, copyright, fair use, technology, etc.
  • Participate in user needs assessment and assist with the interpretation of results to improve library service quality
  • Advocate for and support of the University Libraries.

2016-2017 Goals

  • Document SLAB activities on the Library Special Topics Guide. 
  • Recruit new student members.
  • Establish Focus Groups (small working groups)
    • Internal Affairs: focus on all things within the library (ie. furniture placement/replacement, additional tools or services required by students, etc., usability of library website).

    • Social Media Outreach: plan and establish at least one social media platform and account in order to effectively communicate information to students.

    • Logo Development: design an unofficial and recognizable logo to be used on social media account(s) and student outreach products.

    • General Outreach: includes all student outreach not conducted through social media (however this group will likely work together with social media outreach group). This group will plan events, print media outreach, etc.

  • Produce a SLAB Annual Report

2015_2016 Goals

  • Document and create a repository for SLAB activities by creating a Library Special Topics Guide as part of the SACS Reaffirmation efforts at the College.
  • Review previous SLAB recruitment efforts to determine if the board had representatives from core campus constituencies.
  • Recruit new student members.
  • Review the Library General Survey Responses for 2014
  • Design and deliver a student poll about library services and resources.
  • Produce a SLAB Annual Report

2014 - 2015 Goals

  • Create a focus group of students and library staff to consider improvements for library instruction room 122.
  • Review Library Safety Policies and Procedures.
  • Increase the number of recycling bins in the library and standardize recycling bins with the rest of the campus.
  • Discuss complaints about noise associated with events in the library.
  • Continue to review printing options at the Library.
  • Continue to discuss signage requirements for the library.
  • Continue to explore marketing and outreach for SLAB on campus.
  • Produce a SLAB Annual Report.

Helpful Links

If you would like to suggest a project idea for SLAB, Please feel free to communicate with the SLAB by email at

Some project ideas submitted include:

  • Getting a water bottle filling station in Addlestone Library (Done!)
  • Getting Recycling Bins in the Library (Done!)
  • Quick Print Station (Done!)
  • 2nd floor printing.
  • Interactive art wall.
  • Art in the classrooms.
  • Changing the talking policy from current top two floors of silence to decreased volume per floor (first floor=talking, second floor=whispering, third floor=silence).
  • Increasing the number of tables in the library.
  • Increasing power outlets on the first floor in the library.
  • Increasing the number of whiteboards available in the library.

2016-2017 Members and Library Staff Advisors

Members serve at least one academic year and are able to continue to serve on the advisory board as long as they are currently enrolled at the College of Charleston. The advisory board meets approximate once a month to discuss and provide advice on issues, projects, and initiatives that affect the quality of the student experience at the Library.

Student Members

  • Sarah Ann Snipes (Chair, 2016-2017)
  • Rob Allen
  • Angela Barron
  • Kelsey Baum
  • Letitia Carpenter
  • Jaquan Leonard
  • Savannah Lopett
  • Nick Plasmati
  • Lauren Reese
  • Regan Wacker

Library Staff Advisors

  • Will Breard, Circulation
  • Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnhem, Public Services
  • Jared Seay, Research and Instruction Services

Previous SLAB Members and Library Staff Advisors

Student Members

  • Maisa Amireh
  • Bradley Blankemeyer
  • ‚ÄčKendall Bickett
  • Joshua E. Bloodworth (Chair, 2015-2016)
  • Adam Breyant Lea
  • Steven Burris
  • Laura Cergol
  • Phoebe Doty
  • Marcus Dowling (Chair, 2013-2014)
  • Morgan Emily Godfrey
  • Susan Hallatt
  • Christopher Marcus Kitchings
  • Anna Vincentia Eliza Lefitz
  • Nicole Schnakenberg
  • Kate Shelton Taylor
  • Kelsey Laine Voisin
  • Simon Charlie Wells (Chair, 2012-2013)