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SOCY 369: Sexualities (McReynolds Perez): Welcome

     Sociology of Sexualities


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Policy Brief Assignment

This Research Guide is meant to assist you in finding the necessary resources to complete your Policy Brief Assignment in SOCY 369.  


"This is a four-to-five page memo written to a legislator, government or agency director, advocacy group leader, or some other major player able to take a leadership role in the development of policy. The memo can propose a new policy but more likely will recommend a change or addition to a current policy that exists at the agency, community, or legislative level. If possible, the group should use the reports and/or proposals of other committees or groups (e.g., advocacy groups) as models in developing their memo. 

You should use at least 1 peer-reviewed sociological article. You should supplement this with other sources from advocacy organizations, government documents, and journalistic accounts."

Use the tabs across the top of the page to:

  1. be directed to Sociology and newspaper databases 
  2. access a list of Advocacy Organizations and Government Agencies
  3. review the evaluation process
  4. cite using the American Sociological Association Style

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