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FYSS Terror in the Aisles: 20th c. American History and the Horror Film (Poole): Home

Research and Library Guide for W. Scott Poole's Spring 2017 FYE class

Course Description

This class examines American history by looking at its horror films and their relation to political, social, and cultural life in the United States. The goal of the course is to think critically about these films as primary sources and what they reveal about key events, cultural ideologies, political movements, moral panics, and significant change in the historical experience of twentieth century America.

Kanopy Streaming Service - Media Education Foundation Collection

Kanopy Streaming Service - Media Education Foundation Collection

The films in the Media Education Foundation (MEF) Collection encourage critical thinking about the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media. With a special focus on representations of gender and race, and the effect these representations have on identity and culture.  MEF films are especially well-suited for use in Women's Studies, Sociology, Race Studies, Communication, Anthropology, Education, and Psychology courses

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