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HIST 450: Transnational Histories of the Americas (Covert): Home

Research Guide for Professor Lisa Covert's Capstone Seminar on Transnational Histories of the Americas, Spring 2017

How to Read and Write Like a Historian

Here are some tutorials, created by librarians and historians, that offer tips on reading and writing history.

Course Description

This capstone seminar will prepare and guide history majors as they complete a research paper. In the course, students will take an inclusive approach to the theme "Transnational Histories of the Americas," with an emphasis on the specific challenges and benefits of doing transnational studies. The theme is broad enough to incorporate a wide range of topics (diplomatic, political, economic, social, cultural) as they relate to any part of the western hemisphere. 

Library and Archival Instruction Goals

By the end of library information and archival literacy sessions students will have the skills to identify contextually appropriate tools and sources to answer research questions.