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Library Tutorials Best Practices: Addlestone Tutorial Inventory

Best practices for producing effective library tutorials. Adapted from Video Tutorials Best Practices ( by Amy Brake NC Wesleyan College Library

Current Addlestone Tutorial Videos

Link Here for Current Active Addlestone Tutorials

This guide is originally intended for internal uses for the Addlestone Research & Instruction Department to inventory, maintain, and update our collection of tutorials and help aids.  Indeed, some of the content consists of meeting notes and narrative explanation concerning our specific attempts to address our tutorial issues.  However, most of the content of this guide was produced as a clearing house to locate practices and concepts gained from other libraries. So, we are happy to share our experiences and practices of tutorial creation and management with other libraries as indeed we gain inspiration and ideas from the library community ourselves.  Basically we are all stumbling through the concept of trying to maintain the best, accessible instruction for our patrons and students.  Let's all stumble through together.

---Jared A. Seay
   Fall 2016