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FYE LC - What's for dinner?: FYE Library Activity

This guide will walk you through the library day activity.

FYE Library Activity Spring 2017

Your Librarian and PF(s)

Welcome to FYE Library Day!

Your Librarian is: Brandon Lewter
Your Peer Facilitators are: Dalton Shaak and Joe Wright 


What do YOU think of this activity?

Let your librarian & PF's know what you think of this activity!

Your feedback helps us improve future library sessions :-)

All submissions are anonymous and GREATLY APPRECIATED.


In today's session, you will learn how to generate effective search strategies and find two types of library sources.

The general topic for today's session is: the industrial food system in regards to its societal and medical implications.

Part 1: Google Docs

  • Open the "read-only" Google worksheet
  • Log into you Google account
  • Click on "File" at the top of the page, and select "Make a copy..." so that you can work on the assignment.
  • Click on "blue share button" at the top right of the page and share you document with

Part 2: Brainstorming

  • Take the general topic and generate at least 3 subtopics with at least 3 associated keywords; record this information on your Google Doc.

Part 2: Find at 2 Articles, one focusing on society and the industrial food system and the other on health/medical related implications of the industrial food system.

Part 3: Questions/Discussion/Printing

  • Open forum for questions or comments.
  • Addlestone Library Handout shared in class

Part 4: Library Info. & Feedback

  • Complete the very brief feedback survey.