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COMM 281: Intro to Communication Messages: Home

 eloquence and deliberation in democracy

Dr. Kelly Jakes Presiding


Librarian Jared Seay

This class, in short, asks two overall questions: (1) How do Americans talk to one another? (2) How should citizens talk to one another in a democracy?   Eloquence is not just a useful skill that will win you favor in college and prepare you for the job market; it is vital to democracy. Democracy, meaning self-government shaped by public argument and debate, has been a core concept in the communication discipline since its inception. Effective democratic citizenship requires participation in public debates; it requires the ability to make and assess quality arguments; it requires the ability to find, judge, and use credible evidence and sophisticated reasoning. Without these central abilities, the public is no more than a collection of individuals, and democracy is no more than a collection of people who happen to live within the same borders. This course, in a nutshell, is about what has happened to and what is happening to citizenship.

A Tenative Agenda for a Class on February 8, 2022

  1. Some Definitions
  2. Seeking Topics in Sources
  3. Searching for Sources with DS Power
    • A wee bit of Communications & Mass Media Complete
    • A wee bit of JSTOR
    • A wee bit of some other (maybe)
  4. A Time of Indulgence in Open Research with Abandon

Research Librarian, Media Services Coordinator

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Jared Seay
Addlestone Room 101